New W. A. Dwiggins book! Athalinthia stories and pictures

Created by Bruce Kennett

The personal side of Dwiggins. Cool stories, published together for the first time. Tons of never-before-seen art, much in color.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

T-shirts are a go
about 1 year ago – Wed, Mar 29, 2023 at 11:34:14 AM

Jim the screen printer got enough orders to do this run. Thank you, one and all! His ordering page for shirts will remain open until midnight April 14th so if you think of anyone else who might want one, they can still place an order.

By the way, Jim's dad is the unofficial town historian of Cambridge, Ohio. I began corresponding with him early on in my research about WAD, and got to spend time with him there in Cambridge on two different occasions. He was of significant help to me in rounding up details of WAD’s childhood and early adult years there. So it's wonderful now to have his son also connected to Dwiggins.

I'm heading off-line and off-grid  for almost two weeks. Will report back after that.

Thanks for all your Dwiggy love!

T-shirts ready to print, so please order one if you can!
about 1 year ago – Sun, Mar 26, 2023 at 12:07:03 PM

Jim — the screen printer in Dwiggins‘s home town of Cambridge, Ohio — has everything ready to go.  Now it's up to us to generate enough pieces for him to do a run.

NOTE: This is not a commercial product. It will **not** be available later. It is simply us banding together to make one print run. Between now and April 14th is the only time you will be able to order one. Please do so, and think about whether you might let a friend or two know so we can get the numbers up high enough to justify his doing this.  Shipping to domestic and foreign addresses is calculated right on his site.

The shirts are being produced the same way that Dwiggins had Fred Anthoensen print the book labels back in the 1930s: six different flat colors, so a complex process. I know from two previous projects he’s printed, that Jim’s workmanship and standards are superb.

I'm ordering mine today and I hope you ’ll do the same. Spread the word!

about 1 year ago – Mon, Mar 06, 2023 at 10:52:44 AM

Here is today’s Tower of WAD, waiting patiently in the front hall/pantry for me to load boxes into the car. These deluxes all went out in the mail before noon today. I mailed out an even bigger batch on Friday. There are a few loose ends still to tie up — a few more books to send, and the t-shirts to do once Jim the screen printer has his shop move completed — but we are nearing completion of this most excellent adventure.

Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!

Second (and final) batch of deluxes in hand here in Vermont
about 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 02, 2023 at 07:59:56 AM

On Monday we drove back to Maine to get the rest of the deluxes from Gray. From what I understand, this is the very last edition of this size he’ll ever bind. At this stage of his distinguished career, he prefers to work on one-of-a-kind projects, especially with lots of gold-tooling, or editions of just a handful of copies printed by letterpress. So we were very fortunate that he made something of an exception in agreeing to do this for us. A combination of factors: he and I have known each other for decades, and also, most important, the subject was Dwiggins! (Gray is a major WAD fan.)

We got back from our trip last night, so today I’m gearing up to carefully pack and send out the rest of the first-series deluxes (26–50), and then the second series. At least some of these will go out tomorrow, and the rest on Monday.

My very best to all of you in this little community, and again, thanks to each and every one of you for your help in bringing this work into print.


Boston-area backers . . . please join us the evening of Feb 28th
over 1 year ago – Tue, Feb 14, 2023 at 12:41:12 PM

Hello All, 

In two weeks, on Monday 27th, it’s Mabel Dwiggins’s birthday. The following evening Katherine Small Gallery is throwing a party for Athalinthia from 6 until 8 at their intergalactic corporate headquarters in Somerville. We would LOVE to have you join us. No tickets or Eventbrite hoops to navigate — just show up, raise a glass to Mabel and Bill, and talk about all things WAD with others who appreciate him. There will be some copies of vintage Dwiggins-designed trade novels there for sale, and a t-shirt or two. So come on ovah! 6 until 8 p.m., Tuesday, 28 February.